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One of my preferred developer tools is a web called Compiler Explorer. The tool itself is excellent and useful when trying to optimize your code. The author of the tool describes it in the Github repository as: Compiler Explorer is an interactive compiler. The left-hand pane shows editable C/C++/Rust/Go/D/Haskell code. The right, the assembly output of …

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Undefined behavior in C and C++ programs

When a C or C++ program triggers undefined behavior, anything is allowed to happen in the program execution. And by anything, I really mean anything: The program can crash with an error message, it can silently corrupt data, it can morph into a colorful video game, or it can even give the right result.


Freie C++ Umgebung

QtSoftware ehemals TrollTech hat eine freie C++ Entwicklungsumgebung zum Download freigegeben.

Das Packet enthält die Qt Bibliotheken, einen C++ Compiler und eine Graphische Oberfläche.

Ideal um dem C++ Kurs zu folgen.